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Translating Master Jin Mok's book on Kouksundo into English

Translation is a road between cultures. Today I had the great honor of meeting Master Jin Mok, Kouksundo Master, and son of Kouksundo founder, Chong San. During the pandemic I translated Jin Mok's guide to Kouksundo from Lithuanian into English. The original book was written in Korean and translated into Lithuanian by Eglė Petrauskaitė. Since translating this book of Korean philosophy and yoga, I have practiced Kouksundo and followed Master Jin Mok's talks. However, speaking to him today over a table at lunch about matters of cosmic proportions was life changing. After an hour speaking with Jin Mok, I felt completely peaceful, as though the waves of the ocean had washed away the stress and worry in my life. Thank you to Lithuanian kouksundo master Algirdas Kumža for bringing us all together.

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