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The Ten Courageous Women of Shiraz

Forty years ago, on June 18, 1983, ten innocent Bahai women were hanged in Iran for not renouncing their faith. Today, their courage is still remembered and their sacrifice has not been in vain. As part of the Our Story is One campaign to commemorate these ten courageous women of Shiraz, I've written this poem. To find out more about the ten women of Shiraz, please click on this link: LaimaVince#ourstoryisone

The Ten Courageous Women of Shiraz

Few are those who resist evil, And far too numerous The multitudes who comply— Or stand by in silence.

Resignation is a temporary respite, But the tenderness of sacrifice Reigns forever Never forgotten.

Evil has no face. It is a blank stare. But purity, righteousness, And devotion

Have many faces, And many names. Here are the names Of the ten women of Shiraz.

Speak them out loud So they may resound Across the expanse Of eternity…

Mona Mahmoudnejad Roya Eshraghi Ezzat-Jenani Eshragi Simin Saberi Shahin Dalvand Akhtar Sabet Mahshid Niroumand Zarrin Moghimi-Abyenah Tahereh Arjomandi Siyavashi Nosrat Ghufrani Yaldaie

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