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Laima Vincė

Laima Vince

Dr. Laima Vincė Sruoginis is an author, academic, and life-long part of the North American Lithuanian Diaspora.
She has published over twenty books in the United States, Europe, and the
United Kingdom. She earned a PhD in Humanities from Vilnius University, an MFA in Writing 
from Columbia University, an MFA in Nonfiction from the University of New Hampshire, and a BA in English and German Literature from Rutgers University. She is the recipient of two Fulbright grants, a National Endowment for the Arts grant in Literature, a PEN Translation Fund grant, an Academy of American Poets Award in Poetry, an Association of the Advancement of Baltic Studies book subvention grant and dissertation grant, among other honors. She teaches in the English Department at the University of Southern Maine.


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I am both a poet and a painter.
I perceive my world through the power of the visual and the magic of the poetic word. Perhaps for me poetry and painting are intertwined. The images that come to me in my poems live on in my paintings and vice versa. Sometimes I feel compelled to write lines or entire stanzas from my poems directly onto my paintings.


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I am a writer, poet, and literary translator based in Vilnius, Lithuania and Kennebunk, Maine. 

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Apie anuos nepamirstamus laikus aplankas 1-1-01.jpg

Because this novel encompasses themes that are highly relevant to us as individuals, to our families, to cultural discourse, and raises questions about serious problems in contemporary Lithuania—violence against children, women, sexual violence, depression, the loss of loved ones, identity confusion experienced by Lithuanian emigres and immigrants, the search for a meaningful life, familial relationships—it is relevant to both men and women, to the entirity of today's society. The novel becomes an odd type of history textbook while also a primer on psychology, while at the same time it functions as an expressive work of literature.


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