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     artist's bio

Laima Vincė received her artistic training in studio arts at the School of Visual Arts, Rutgers University, Hunter College, Columbia University, and the University of Southern Maine. Among noteworthy mentors in her early development as a painter are Will Barnet, Emma Amos, and Emily Mason. She has exhibited in both Europe and the U.S, including Laima Vincė – Paintings at Liudvikas Rėza Cultural Center in Juodkrantė, Lithuania; That Unspoken Word—The Poetry of Painting, Savickas Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania; Moments of Illumination, SLA 307, New York; and Paintings Inspired by Spirit, Rendall Fine Arts Gallery in Wiscasset, Maine.

I am both a poet and a painter. I perceive my world through the power of the visual and the magic of the poetic word. Perhaps for me poetry and painting are intertwined. The images that come to me in my poems live on in my paintings and vice versa. Sometimes I feel compelled to write lines or entire stanzas from my poems directly onto my paintings.

Visual art is that unspoken word. Art conveys all that we cannot bring to words. There are times when we as artists are rendered mute because we cannot put into words all that we feel, see, experience. That must be expressed in our visual language. And through the visual language of poetry, we invite the reader to see inside the heart of our inner emotional and visual landscape.

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