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Public speaking

I am a successful keynote speaker, public speaker, lecturer, teacher training seminar facilitator, and creative writing workshop leader. I create solo literary performance pieces and poetry readings. I have spoken about the Lithuanian Jewish poet Matilda Olkinaitė, who was killed in the Holocaust at age 19, I have presented at conferences on the topic of Memory and Postmemory in the work of North American Lithuanian Diaspora writers, I’ve spoken on my work collecting the oral histories of Holocaust survivors in Lithuania, survivors of Siberian exile, and women who participated in the armed anti-Soviet resistance. I’ve shared my expertise of 25-years’ experience teaching the craft of Creative Writing at a number of international conferences
and workshops. I’ve spoken about living and teaching in China and Hong Kong, traveling solo as an American woman in Asia, Eastern Europe, Iceland, and elsewhere, and on a variety of empowering topics for women. I’ve given talks on my novel, This is Not My Sky, my works of literary nonfiction, and my essays.


If your high school, university, book club, bookstore, conference, or organization is interested in hosting me as a speaker, please send me an email at

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